is that the girl is dead

Thank you thank you back-up writers!

mosca and I ended up needing 15 other writers, along with ourselves, to make sure everyone had a story so we wanted to say thank you, THANK YOU! to those wonderful people. So we posted to our friendslist and! under the cut, is a bunch of goodies for these awesome back-up writers. And! under the second cut is a list of the back-up writers' requests from femslash07 that we weren't able to get goodies for by today. If you'd inspired to write a ficlet or make an icon for these awesome people, feel free to post in the comments and I'll update, etc.

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is that the girl is dead

Fic for present_pathos: Faith/Dawn, R

Title: Girl In The War
Author: callmesandy
Recipient: present_pathos
Word count: 1150
Fandom: Buffyverse
Pairing: Faith/Dawn
Spoilers/Rating: post-Chosen. R-ish (mild swearing, mild explicit sex)

Thanks to mosca for super quickie beta action!

"Dawn went to this pawn shop on Fifth Street and Lewis to see if they had the glove and then disappeared," Watcher Junior said.

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  • raqs

Title: After the Passages of Time

FOR: Name/LJ Name: Brilliant Lies / brilliant_lies

Fandom: Our only real point of request contact: Star Trek TNG: Troi/Crusher

BY: dith/raqs

NOTE: I have never in my life written any Star Trek fanfic. So this is a first for me!
Thank you eregyrn for the quick & dirty beta and the laughing at it!

Wordcount: 5105

Rating: NC-17 (duh, this IS me we're talking about)

Warnings: far future/AU

DEEPLY sorry for being so late - I will not again presume I can write fanfic for a show I haven't seen for fifteen years! I promise!

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Fic: A Little TLC (Stargate SG1- Sam/Janet) for amatia

This was written as a pinch-hit to the following request:

Name/LJ Name: Amatia /amatia
Request 2. Stargate SG-1 - Sam Carter/Janet Frasier

AN: It's been awhile since I’ve written any Sam/Janet loving so please excuse my rustiness and any unintentional mistakes I've made in canon (a.k.a. Dr. Warner's first name *shrug*). I just hope it's ok?

As always my thanks to darandkerry for the quick but effective beta work and to mosca and callmesandy for arranging this masterpiece of logistical brilliance, um, I mean the ficathon :)

Title: A Little TLC
Author: mrswoman
Fandom: Stargate SG1
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Words: 1803
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. I do this only for my sanity

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The Way of the Seek (Farscape Aeryn/Zhaan). For havocthecat

Pinch hit by celievamp
Requested by: havocthecat
Written for femslash07
Genre: Farscape Pairing Aeryn/Zhaan. 
Episodes referenced: Season 1 ‘Til the Blood Runs Clear’
Word count: 2,400
Rating: Mature
Disclaimer: David Kemper et al. own this lot, not me.
Summary: Both Aeryn and Zhaan were affected by the Solar Flares on Dam Ba Da.
tim gunn is exuberant
  • mosca

Fic for sheepfairy: "Closer to God" (Buffyverse, Anya/Lilah)

Title: Closer to God
Author: mosca
Fandom: Angel: The Series/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Lilah/Anya, background Lilah/Wesley
Rating: NC-17
Word count: about 1,200
Spoilers/Continuity: through "Chosen" and "Home."
Summary: Lilah's living the dream and dreaming she's dead.
Disclaimers: Angel: The Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the intellectual property of Mutant Enemy, Kuzui, Sandollar, Greenwolf, and Fox Television. This original work of fan fiction is Copyright 2007 Mosca, and I wrote it for free. Therefore, this story is protected in the USA by the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed. Better to rule in Hell, etc.
Notes: Thanks to callmesandy for the speed beta and annavtree for the fashion advice. Title is from "Closer," by Nine Inch Nails. Written as a backup fic for sheepfairy, who is completely awesome and helpful and generous, so I hope this reflects my gratitude.

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For zapsflake

Title: Moving On
Author: Crystalnymphetamine/ molotovcoqtiz
Recipient: zapsflake
Fandom: Clue: the Movie
Pairing: Yvette and Miss Scarlet
Rating: NC-17 - Character death, sexual thoughts and memories
Word count: 1440
Disclaimer: I do not own the chars, the story of the movie of Clue, nor the game it's based on.
Summary: Scarlet remembers while Yvette pays

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